Environmental Responsibility Statement

As dance company who specialise in teaching traditional dances from across the continent of Africa, we help people to become aware of their relationship with Mother Earth through the practice as well as from verbally sharing the information Rubba has learnt directly from African dance specialists from East, West and South Africa.

We also encourage our students and participants of our classes to cycle or walk to the venue when possible.

We recommend using reusable water bottles to minimise waste.

We encourage those who attend our workshops/classes to wear natural fabric so to protect your skin and allow the vibration of the drums to permeate your body without the boundary of poly/plastic clothing. We also encourage the use of natural fibres instead of plastics to protect Earth’s veins and nervous system, the beautiful rivers, oceans and seas.

We invite our participants to use natural biodegradable environmentally friendly products for home use.

We ask all of our students and participants to carry their own food waste with them rather than leaving at our studios, in order to encourage and help people become more aware of the waste they produce.

We also encourage healthy eating in regards to organic vegetables to protect the environment as we understand the impact of GM foods as well as the toxicity of spraying food with pesticides on our bodies as well as the ecosystem.

We hope that you will be inspired to remember wisdom of The African Ways when using drumming and dancing to respect and protect Mother Earth.

We give thanks each and every day to the Earth, Water, Air and Fire for all that they provides for us.