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work with the Youths at st Werburghs school Bristol

The most important aspect of the services that Afidance provides. The enormous benefits of being exposed to the traditional drumming and dances from Africa has fueled a determination to teach everyone one including the youths using previous skill-based knowledge and professional experience to create great projects.

​His Company has a reputation for providing meaningful life changing workshops and performances with the youths This has led him to create an online resource page ( for Parents,Teachers, and Pupils as a guide in their research studies about this continent

Afidance In communities

One of our aims is to create more harmony and respect for each other as this communal way of co-existing is the foundation of life in Africa.

We are now living in a more mix of cultures in the UK and with the current climate it has become apparent that more needs to be done to change

people’s view and ideas of the various ways that other cultures deal with the same common issues that we also experience in our lives.

We do this by collaborating with services that provides help and support for all those in their local and regional communities.


Dance class at St Werburghs Community Centre Bristol


We welcomes any collaborations with dance companies and organisations that offers student training or development for their careers.
In our experience we find that some of those that attend our classes want to take up dancing but find it very difficult to receive any training.

Being with Afidance as help some of them to get this opportunity and achieve their goals. It is guaranteed that student will be challenged and learn alot from this experience.

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