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Audio Recording from Glocal, Ujima Radio in the UK Interview with Norman ‘Rubba’ Stephenson, Son of Bongo Gabby, founder of the Rasta community on B.Marley Beach. Listen for the full history and evolution of the fight.

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4th/12th/23 Greetings, We are still in the court as since the last update Things haved turned around. having request for a summary judgement a date was set in August for that Hearing, what Transpired is that the an hearing for the injuction was called just 5 days before Our family case and the judge lifted it in their favour meaning that from now on they can approach and try to make us to leave th notice of eviction. We continue to resit their methods offers and threats and refuse to leave till our family case is heard. Upon winnin that injuction they also aurgued thatwinning the injunction was reason for them to throw out our family case which the new judge considered in their favour and now we are in a position of waiting for an appeal on the injunction before our family case that we were confident enough to ask for that summary judgment. Some how we just cannot get there.. So yes your support is still needed in terms of sharing this page or donating to the go fund me appeal. So far every penny of what has been donated has been sent to my family on he beach. Many Thanks, One Love Rubba

General Update

21/8/23 Greetings all who is following and supporting our struggle to protect our family Beach, protect the rights of the community living on the beach and Also protecting the natural environment and Rastafarian legacy of this historic beach.

Basically we have had to fend of the defence lawyers who seems to raise points and issues that need our response. with this tactics , they have now had our injunction lifted with the Judge deciding in their favour. This was done literally 5 days before what I believe would be a final Judgement on the 25th july as pointed out in my last update.

Seeing that they had the injunction lifted they then came to the court with an argument stating, that due to us losing the injunction, the main case for adverse possession should not go ahead. This meant that the judge had to adjourn till 21st September.

As I am writing this they are quietly sending different representatives who my aunty call big people, to the beach to try and (let me say it lightly) convince my aunty to leave but she is resisting all the methods they are trying to get her to vacate. It is obvious that they are trying to get us to leave before the main case for adverse possession goes to the trail. This does not feel right.

If your not aware, they are building the biggest tourist resort to be seen in Jamaica having somehow(?) acquired 250 acres of land and our little 2.7 acres seems to be the most important part that they need to secure.

So yes we are still asking you to pray for us and for jamaica as this is premeditated plan to sell of all the beah land of jamaica. although there is alot of support from media and the Marley are helping us to a point. We are still financially burdened as the Go Fund campaign me has not raised a level that can help both us and JABBEM who is the organisation that is helping us and others in the same position in our fight. For me this is David Versus Goliath and your help is so needed. as divided we fall. Please look online and support in whatever way you can.

One Love

Norman “Rubba” Stephenson


Greetings, We have submitted a summary judgement believing that the prosecution have no real defense to our claim thus avoiding a injunction hearings and the trail. I believe that we are now waiting for a final Judgement on 25th July. This will decide whether we win or lose the case.

While I have been up in the court there has been some significant development.

As you may know, we have been able to go to the court through the support By JABBEM who are campaigning to change the law so that the ordinary people of Jamaica can be allowed access to the beaches and lands being taken over by Government back strategies with private companies to sell of practically all the beaches and other important landmarks.

Alot of media attention has been generated and with the recent support from the Marley family it has now reached a more global Audience.

Stephanie, who have been with us from day one giving $10,000 for solar panels as the means to provide electricity that were taken away also, the the donations from the Go Fund Me appeal helped to replace items that were removed and better water supply.

Ziggy and Cedella, are now advocacy for the movement and you can hear what they have to say about this injustice on most social media Twitter , instagram Etc.

The Go Fund Me is still needed as this is to help me with the cost of the court case something which I am not expecting from the Marleys out of gratitude and respect for what they doing to help us. One Love

Your support with prayers and sharing is still vital.

Court hearing update

Blog written 07/03/2023

The case is now about to enter the supreme court for the seventh hearing as there has been several attempt to lift the injunction granted to us.

We have been prepared for the main trail which is for us to obtain the title for the beach land through adverse possession.

Surely, their actions has caused a couple months delay but from events at the last hearing we are now looking for the Trail commence later this month

Blog written 13/12/2022

Greetings folks, just a brief update on how things have been going.

There have been two hearings since the last post, both due to the defendant objecting against some of the statements surrounding my claim. Thankfully the judge refused their objections as my claim for our family had enough evidence.

So, the temporary injunction has been extended until the trial hearing in January. This trial has the potential to change history for Jamaica, which would help to protect the environment for future generations to enjoy with full beach access for the locals of Bull bay and tourists.

Your support to protect the rights of future generations and prevent the land succumbing to yet another exclusive tourist destination.

Donations welcome, if you are unable to do so at this time, please share this link or say a prayer.

Injunction/Adverse Possession

Blog Written on 1/12/2022

We responded to a counterclaim made by the defendant’s lawyers so to uphold the injunction and continued to prevent their plan to demolish our building.

This case is vital for them to win so they can start their development plans. Their counterclaims seem to have no foundations but we will keep you updated on the latest ruling.

The Next stage is for us to ask the court to recognise and uphold the Prescriptive Rights Law which states that no land cannot be obtained in the manner the defendant are trying to do as our beach requires people to travel on the road to do business. This automatically protects our land. No question.

My father (Bongo Gabby) visioned and constructed the beach road with the help of fellow Rastas and fisher folks.

This access is vital for so many public users and now it seems like the private company want to cut the locals from entering and using the best part of the beach. Limiting access through privatisation could make it much much harder for those who live on the land adjacent to the beach to travel about their business.

This case is so important for the whole of Jamaica as if we do not succeed with our claims, Jamaican citizens will lose full access to yet another public beach.

Neighbouring Islands such as Barbados have protected the rights of public access to every single one of the island’s beaches. We believe that Jamaica should be in line with the other islands.

The fact that wealthy offshore investors can come in, dispossess and displace locals from the land that rightfully belongs to them through adverse possession is Unjust and unfair.

One Love, Rubba.

Why Save Bob Marley Beach?

Blog Written 27/10/2022

As relatives and friends of the late Rastafarian Bongo Gabby risk losing their right to live in their homes on Bob Marley Beach, now is the time for one and all to come together to ‘Stand Up for Your Rights’. 

Not many of you would know about the beautiful natural haven that exists at the foot of Sugar Loaf Hill, 9 miles outside of Kingston, Jamaica. This beach has a long-standing Rastafarian history and presence. It was occupied by Bongo Gabby (also known as Natty Dread), my father and the patriarch of the Ancient Nyahbinghi order who, along with Mortimer Planno, was responsible for teaching the ways of Rastafari to Bob Marley through mentorship. This is the original beach where Bob Marley and the Wailers stayed with Bongo Gabby, whilst producing music that has changed the lives of many all over the world and as such should be considered a world heritage site. 

The land has been claimed illegally without respect to the Stephenson family.

Bob Marley (Thomas) Beach is a community beach for the people of Jamaica where the rights of land possession should be prioritised for those who had settled there so long ago due to Bongo Gabby. It is crucial to ensure that public access is protected by the government, and to prevent destruction of the residents and fisherfolk livelihoods. As a place where Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and so many other artists found inspiration to create music that moved the world, it should be recognized and preserved as a historic world heritage site. 

Get updates, evidence and documentation by visiting, and by signing and sharing the online petition at savebobmarleybeach 

Your support would be greatly appreciated through sharing this information.

More love,

Norman ‘Rubba’ Stephenson

Contact Rubba to receive full UK PRESS RELEASE

GoFundMe Appeal

Your support will bring balance to this inequity by protecting the rights of the Rastafarian heritage community, environment, and relatives of the late Bongo Gabby.

School of Sacrament Rastafari University Press Statement:

JABBEM (Jamaica Beach Birthright Movement) Press Release, Bob Marley Beach facts the Jamaican public need to know about the law affecting Public and Free Access to Beaches and the Aquisition of Property Title through Adverse Possession.

Stand Up For Your Rights

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